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Author:   Neil Spencer
Title:      True as the Stars Above
Despite the dominance of scientific thought in the modern era, the ancient practice of astrology has staged an astonishing revival over the last hundred years. Newspaper astrologers become millionaires, financial stargazers advise stock market players, and powerful corporations and astro-psychologists offer to unravel the secrets of the psyche. Princess Diana, Ronald Reagan, Carl Jung, and Ted Hughes are just some of the prominent figures who regularly consulted astrologers. Now this erudite book examines the deep-rooted significance of astrology in the contemporary world. Exploring its language and appeal, Neil Spencer looks at the extraordinary role astrology has played in the history of ideas. Irreverent, surprising, and eminently readable, this is astrology demystified. Neil Spencer is the astrology columnist for Britain’s The Observer.  
Reviews: 9780752843827

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