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Title:      Animals in the Field
Reviews: 9781443918053
Author:   NO AUTHOR
Title:      Rainforest Animals
Introduces some of the animals that live in the rainforest with illustrations and rhyming verse.  
Reviews: 9781840895605
Author:   Hans E. Jahnke
Title:      Livestock Production Systems and Livestock Development in Tropical Africa
Reviews: WISC:89031125131
Author:   John Whitfield
Title:      Lost Animals
Meet the incredible animals that have disappeared due to competition, mass extinctions, hunting, and human activity. Lost Animals brings back to life some of the most charismatic creatures to inhabit the planet. It captures the imagination with more than 200 incredible photographs, artworks of fossils, and scientific drawings of charming creatures like dodos, paraceratherium (the largest land mammal), spinosaurus (the biggest carnivorous dinosaur), placeoderm fishes (the sharks of their day), and more! Lost Animals is a captivating documentation of evolution and extinction. Each chapter focuses on a specific time in Earth's history, from the Cambrian explosion (the most intense surge of evolution the world has ever experienced) to present times, with profiles of the key species that lived then. From long extinct animals to Lazarus species--animals that were thought to be extinct before being rediscovered--this book takes readers on a journey through Earth's natural history, highlighting the world's biggest animal losses and its moments of conservational hope.  
Reviews: 9781588346988
Author:   Molly Koelzer
Title:      Callie the Cow
Callie the Cow is a vegan children's book that takes you on a journey with Callie and Gracie, two dairy cows, who are separated from their moms and are left to find freedom on their own. When Callie and Gracie are transferred from their farm, they begin to realize that their final destination is not what they imagined. Just as they begin to lose hope, unexpected heroes step in and lead the two baby calves on their journey to a new life. This book reveals the truth about the meat and dairy industry in a way children can understand, and many parents can learn from too. Sometimes all we need is to take a step back and see these farm animals for what they truly are: living beings with a mommy and a desire to be free.All illustrations were done by my friend, Daniel. He's on Fiverr, check him out!  
Reviews: 9781986384513
Author:   Paul Hess
Title:      Polar Animals
Introduces some of the animals that live in polar regions of the world with illustrations and rhyming verse.  
Reviews: 9781840895612
Author:   Jan Kirk Carney
Title:      A Concise History of Public Health
"Binding: PB"--  
Reviews: 9781284111774
Author:   James Ciment
Title:      How They Lived: An Annotated Tour of Daily Life through History in Primary Sources [2 volumes]
Ideal for history majors, nonhistory majors taking history courses, as well as general readers, this book provides not only the primary documents and artifacts of ordinary people in history, but also annotations that help the reader put them into context and grasp their deeper meaning. • Examines all of world history from the prehistoric era to the present day, in every region of the world, with a special emphasis on non-Western cultures • Features valuable material not readily found online, primary sources, and content specifically aligned to Common Core standards • Supplies introductory material, extensive annotation, and in-depth analysis that heighten readers' appreciation of the historic significance of the topics covered • Explains how to make use of primary sources in order to put the documents and artifacts in their historical context • Includes both written documents and artifacts, uniquely laid out to make the content more accessible to readers  
Reviews: 9781610698962
Author:   Brian M. Fagan
Title:      World Prehistory
This popular introductory textbook provides an overview of more than 3 million years of human prehistory. Written in an accessible and jargon-free style, this engaging volume tells the story of humanity from our beginnings in tropical Africa up to the advent of the world’s first urban civilizations. A truly global account, World Prehistory surveys the latest advances in the study of human origins and describes the great diaspora of modern humans in the millennia which followed as they settled Europe, Asia and the Americas. Later chapters consider seminal milestones in prehistory: the origins of food production, the colonization of the offshore Pacific and the development of the first more complex human societies based, for the most part, on agriculture and stock raising. Finally, Fagan and Durrani examine the prevailing theories regarding early state-organized societies and the often flamboyant, usually volatile, pre-industrial civilizations which developed in the Old World and the Americas. Fully updated to reflect new research, controversies, and theoretical debates, this unique book continues to be an ideal resource for the beginner first approaching archaeology. Drawing on the experience of two established writers in the field, World Prehistory is a respected classic which acquaints students with the fascinations of human prehistory.  
Reviews: 9781317279099
Author:   Dean Miller
Title:      Animals and Animal Symbols in World Culture
A comprehensive guide to the history of human interaction with the creatures of the earth, air, and water. This book provides historical perspective on mankind's complicated relationship with all creatures, from tiny insects to larger beasts. From the alligator to the wryneck, key animals from every continent are profiled, with articles focusing on how different cultures viewed the creatures with which they shared land, and the ones they considered omens of gods and devils. In addition to the numerous articles on specific animals, there are also entries on the role of animals in Christian art, and how shamans took the form and power of animals in key ceremonies. The work is highly illustrated, and subjects of major interest are provided with individual bibliographies of further reading on the subject at the end of each article.  
Reviews: 9781627125765

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