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Author:   Debbie Singh
Title:      You'll Never Walk Alone
Debbie Singh's quest started when she learned that her younger brother John had been imprisoned in a Bangkok jail awaiting trial. He had received a 10-year sentence for a traveller's cheque fraud for $1000. Debbie set off alone to Thailand to visit her brother in Klong Prem, the notorious Bangkok Hilton, in what was to be the first of seven trips to Bangkok as she struggled against her brother's harsh sentence. This is her story - a story of love, a story of loyalty, and a story of struggling against bureaucracy to do the right thing.  
Reviews: 9781905379101
Author:   Debbie Singh
Title:      You'll Never Walk Alone
Reviews: 9781905379231
Author:   Debbie Singh
Title:      You'll never walk alone
A true story about the 'Bangkok Hilton' 2nd updated edition Debbie Singh's life fell apart when she received a letter from her brother out of the blue. He had been sentenced to 10 years in Klong Prem prison in Bangkok for attempting to cash false travellers cheques. The severity of the sentence shocked Singh, who set of to Bangkok to support him and later to locate his Thai born son. Appalled by the horrendous circumstances she found him in, she started to campaign to have him transferred to an Australian jail, something never achieved before. This campaign changed her life and that of her family forever. With great honesty and heart, You'll Never Walk Alone tells the story of Singh's great determination and strength in the face of adversity, the roller coaster ride of emotions she had to face in the six year struggle to help her brother, her ongoing charity work and the heartbreak she felt as her life was torn apart by a bitter twist in the tail. In 2014 with the encouragement of friends and people who have read her book Debbie decided to update her sixteen year journey and love for Thailand and its people.  
Reviews: 9781633232600
Author:   Chaowarēt Čhārubun
Title:      The Last Executioner
Chavoret Jaruboon was responsible for pulling the trigger on 55 prison inmates before syringes replaced rifles. His story is a remarkable one, spanning an exciting and adventurous time in South East Asian history. From Elvis impersonator to executioner, from a boy who soiled himself because he was afraid of the headmaster to a father who frowns on spanking his children, Chavoret recounts his remarkable life story with wit and candour.  
Reviews: 9781905379262
Author:   Piet Buys
Title:      At Loggerheads?
The report offers a simple framework for policy analysis by identifying three forest types: frontiers and disputed lands; lands beyond the agricultural frontier; and, mosaic lands where forests and agriculture coexist. It collates geographic and economic information for each type that will help formulate poverty-reducing forest policy.  
Reviews: 9780821367360
Author:   M. Backman
Title:      Big in Asia
Companies operating in post-crisis Asia find themselves confronted by obstacles that hinder development and progress. Written by two leading analysts, this book identifies the transformation of the competitive landscape in Asia. By focusing on the main difficulties faced by companies it provides a series of strategies for business success and show how to avoid failure in Asia. This is an essential guide for companies who wish to make it big in Asia.  
Reviews: 9781403914484
Author:   Andrea Cornwall
Title:      Deconstructing Development Discourse
Andrea Cornwall is Professor of Anthropology and Development in the School of Global Studies at the University of Sussex. --  
Reviews: 9781853397066
Author:   C. Branche
Title:      World Report on Child Injury Prevention
"Child injuries have been neglected for many years, and are largely absent from child survival initiatives presently on the global agenda. Through this World report on child injury prevention, the World Health Organization, the United Nations Children's Fund and many partners have set out to elevate child injury to a priority for the global public health and development communities. The knowledge and experience of nearly two hundred experts from all continents and various sectors were invaluable in grounding the report in the realities faced in many countries. This World report on child injury prevention should be seen as a complement to the UN Secretary-General's study on violence against children released in late 2006. That report addressed violence-related or intentional injuries. Both reports suggest that child injury and violence prevention programmes need to be integrated into child survival and other broad strategies focused on improving the lives of children. Evidence demonstrates the dramatic successes in child injury prevention in countries which have made a concerted effort. These results make a case for increasing investments in human resources and institutional capacities. This would permit the development, implementation and evaluation of programmes to stem the tide of child injury and enhance the health and well-being of children and their families the world over. Implementing proven interventions could save more than a thousand children's lives a day." - p. vii.  
Reviews: 9789241563574
Author:   Mark Hunter
Title:      The Global Investigative Journalism Casebook
Reviews: 9789230010898
Author:   Eng Fong Pang
Title:      Speaking Out & Speaking Up
Reviews: 9789811125256

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