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Google Books Reviewed
Shanzeng ShenNormal People / Shanzeng, Shen Tue 15:57  39649
Barker RobinBaby Love: Everything You Need To Know About Your New Baby Tue 15:56  12888
Jones DanielBastard On The Couch, The Sat 22:25  12412
Garcia Marquez GabrielLiving To Tell The Tale / Garcia Marquez, Gabriel Sat 22:17  36047
Garcia Marquez GabrielLeaf Storm / Garcia Marquez, Gabriel Sat 22:15  44902
Dawkins RichardBest American Science and Nature Writing 2003 Fri 19:55  17870
Simmons Rulon E.National Geographic Photography Field Guide: Birds Fri 19:02  35002
The Thai Red Cross SocietyGuide to healthy living in thailand and Southeast Asia / The Thai Red Cross Society Fri 09:48  42949
Beames IanBp Guide To Exploring Britain's Wildlife: Walks Through The Best Wildlife Areas Tue 18:21  37331
Franken AlRush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot / Franken, Al Tue 15:51  1024
Mccown BobMcCown Tue 15:48  17177
DeagostiniAnimals in the Field: Cows / Deagostini Tue 15:42  31300
Roth VeronicaInsurgent (Divergent Trilogy, Book 2) / Roth, Veronica Tue 12:11  24618
Chomsky NoamClass Warfare / Chomsky, Noam Fri 17:37  48749
Hamilton HugoSpeckled People, The / Hamilton, Hugo Thu 18:06  13500
Cavuto NeilMore Than Money: True Stories of People Who Learned Life Thu 18:04  16834
Zama FarahadMarriage Bureau For Rich People / Zama, Farahad Thu 18:00  12318
Jones DanielBastard On The Couch, The Thu 17:31  12412
Ruddick JamesDeath at the Priory: Love, Sex, and Murder in Victorian England Thu 17:30  35043
Maconie StuartPies and Prejudice: In Search of the North Thu 17:21  24124

Last Google Book Reviewed:

Author:   Shen Shanzeng
Title:      Normal People
This novel gives a first-person perspective of adolescence in Shanghai in the 1950s and 60s, a time of upheaval and daily drama in the live of even the most ordinary of people. Through the perspective of our young narrator, we can observe the social reality of the time, impacted by the enormous tide of political changes. We follow our narrator as he navigates the difficulties anyone might face in growing up: shifting loyalties among friends, conflicts with teacher and other significant adults in his life, and an array of family troubles. His single mother is raising him with the help of his grandparents, together struggling to keep this poor family afloat while adhering to their moral code. Always lurking in the background is his now deceased father, once a member of the Guomindang (KMT) military police, who was divorced from his mother twice. Against this backdrop of "normal" domestic drama is the turbulent background of China under Mao Zedong. All over China, urban youth were being transferred to the countryside, and our narrator shares this fate. We follow him as he prepares for this monumental change, having been informed that he would go to a farm on Chongming, a rural island north of Shanghai. Among the novel's carefully drawn characters—the friends, family and neighbors of the narrator—is the city itself, as the author depicts the culture and customs unique to Shanghai. Through his striking picture of a "normal" young man, the author has captured the lives of many unknown and unremembered people whose destinies were influenced by political movements. This novel represents the memory of the youth of a generation.  
Reviews: 9781602202528

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